Discount Insurance Quotes In West Virginia – WV

Auto insurance in West Virginia must adhere to state laws. When you are shopping for discount insurance quotes, it’s important to know what the state requires of you. You are required to have auto insurance at the time of registration and in the vehicle at all times that it is on the road. To avoid penalties, you can shop for affordable insurance online within minutes.

The state of West Virginia requires minimum liability coverage in the amount of 20/40/10. This is a common format used by insurance companies. The first number is indicative of bodily injury in the amount of $20,000. The second number stands for $40,000 worth of bodily injury, only this one covers all passengers while the first number is only for a single person. The third number then represents the total amount required for damages to property.

Minimum requirements are what any car insurance company will look at when supplying a quote. It is impossible to go lower than 20/40/10. It is possible to go higher, however. Lienholders may require that you have higher levels of liability coverage for their own protection. You may also choose to increase the liability coverage for your own financial protection.

If you carry only the minimum coverage, it can pose a threat to your finances if you are involved in a serious accident. For example, if you are involved in an accident where there is $25,000 worth of property damage, you would be required to cover the other $15,000 out of your personal finances. The average person doesn’t have this kind of money, which can be very dangerous.

The state of West Virginia follows tort law. This means that someone will be found to be at fault for the accident. The one who is at fault will be the one to cover all damages and medical bills. If you are the one who caused the accident, you will want the higher coverage levels to prevent going broke after an automobile accident.

West Virginia law states that you must have uninsured motorist coverage as well. All insurance quotes will automatically include this. You will not be able to reject the coverage which means your insurance is going to be a little more expensive because of having the coverage mandated.

If you are found without auto insurance, you could face a number of penalties. This includes such things as a $200 to $5,000 fine, license suspension or registration revocation. The penalty will be based upon whether it is a first offense or it has happened before in the past.

It is in your best interest to shop for auto insurance to stay in compliance with state laws. You must have the minimum liability coverage and uninsured motorist coverage. However, you may also be required to have comprehensive coverage if you have an auto loan. Most lienholders will require this.

Comprehensive coverage will cover the non-driving accidents that can occur. These would occur whether you were driving or not and therefore there is no fault associated with them. Coverage is for hail damage, rocks against the windshield, hit and runs and various other scenarios.

Other forms of coverage that can be added are at your discretion. You may decide that you want to add rental car coverage or even roadside assistance. When you shop online for the quotes, these can be added to see what the impact is on your premium each month. Often times, these coverage options will only impact your premium by a few dollars.

Hundreds of insurance companies provide policies in West Virginia. This is your opportunity to secure a discounted quote. Comparison shopping is of the utmost importance. By getting quotes from multiple auto insurance companies, you can see who has the best rates. If you don’t want to pay more than what you need to for car insurance, then you can compare quotes online within minutes to choose the right policy.