Discount Insurance Quotes in Washington – WA

If someone causes a collision in the state of Washington, the law requires that the person who caused be determined. If these people have decided to prove to the DMV that they could take financial responsibility with auto insurance coverage if they are found to be at fault in a collision, their insurance companies will need to pay the bills of those with bodily injuries and damaged property.

Liability Insurance Coverage Required of Washington Drivers

Those who file a claim with the at-fault driver’s auto insurance company will be entitled to receive payment in the minimum amounts that Washington has determined their drivers need to purchase. For one person, this means at least $25,000 for medical expenses. If more than one person is injured and files a claim for the bodily injury liability coverage, the company will need to pay at least $50,000.

Some people may need to have their vehicles repaired after a collision. Those who file a claim with the at-fault driver’s company will be entitled to $10,000 total for the accident.

What Are the Consequences for Driving Uninsured?

First, the uninsured drivers will need to take financial responsibility all on their own for the bodily injuries and property damages they cause. Furthermore, uninsured Washington drivers will receive a fine for as much as $450.

The Possibility of Being Underinsured

Washington’s auto insurance requirements are considered to be low, especially for the repair bills related to property damages. After the at-fault driver’s insurance runs out and there are still bills to be paid, the auto insurance companies will not be required to continue paying them. In this case, drivers are within their rights to sue the at-fault drivers.

Increasing the Required Limits

In Washington, drivers are not required to purchase coverage that will take over the medical bills or repair bills if they are hit by an underinsured driver. They may purchase it as optional coverage but not everyone chooses to do so. For this reason, Washington drivers may be able to increase their limits and purchase more than what is required in the state.

Although Washington auto insurance companies can sell liability packages with higher limits on the coverage, they are not required to sell these higher limits to their clients. Auto insurance companies are given the ability to determine how much they will charge for auto insurance, how much coverage to sell and to whom they will sell their policies. If they decide that someone is too high a risk to sell auto insurance or to raise the limits, they can legally deny this coverage.

Drivers Most Likely to Cause a Collision

Washington auto insurance companies can refuse to raise the limits for new clients for several reasons. These people would have proven to the insurance companies that they are at a high risk of causing an accident, such as the following:

• Drivers who have tickets for moving violations
• Those who have been arrested or convicted of DUIs/DWIs
• Those who have caused collisions in the past
• Those employed in dangerous occupations
• Those who have filed claims for their auto insurance coverage in the past

Purchasing Optional Auto Insurance Coverage

Similarly, Washington residents may wish to add optional coverage that the state does not mandate that they purchase. This optional coverage would apply toward their own vehicles and their own and their passengers’ medical bills no matter who caused the collision. In this case as well, auto insurance companies can legally determine based on their underwriting efforts whether or not to sell this type of coverage.

The fact that the auto insurance company determines its clients to be highly likely to cause an accident will lower their chances of being approved to purchase optional coverage. When people seek discount insurance quotes in Washington, they may be introduced to a company that will be willing to sell them the higher limits or the optional coverage that they desire for a reasonable price, and they can find these discount quotes here on this website.