Discount Insurance Quotes in Rhode Island – RI

Without exception, Rhode Island drivers must have proof of auto insurance with them if they are going to drive their vehicles. Those who do not have this coverage are risking losing all of their assets to the people they injure should they cause a collision. If they run a red light, for example, and are stopped by law enforcement, they will need to be prepared to show the officer their identification cards proving that they have auto insurance.

Penalties When Being Stopped without Proof of Insurance

In Rhode Island, those who do not have proof of insurance to present when a law enforcement officer asks for it will receive a citation. They can also receive a fine in the amount of $500 and have their licenses suspended for three months. Those who have purchased insurance coverage but did not have the proof with them when they were stopped can have the citation, suspension and fines waived if they present their proof to the DMV within 10 days of the incident.

The Auto Insurance Companies’ Response

Those who cannot present proof of insurance in 10 days will have to comply with their penalties, and they will receive other negative consequences. The Rhode Island DMV will inform these violators’ insurance companies that they have received a new traffic citation. This may cause their insurance companies to raise their rates when it comes time to renew the policy. If these people have several previous citations, the insurance company can even decide to cancel the coverage.

The Role of the Operator Control

Reinstating their licenses can be a difficult process once the suspension ends. These people will not just be able to pay a fine and have their driving privileges returned to them because they will need to attend a hearing with Delaware’s Operator Control. At this hearing, the Operator Control will decide if each particular person is ready to resume driving. In event that the answer is “yes,” the reinstatement process can begin.

The Reinstatement Process

At the DMV, Rhode Island drivers will have several documents to present to start the reinstatement process. They will need to have the authorization the Operator Control issued to them for reinstatement, their Social Security cards, another form of identification, a document with their written addresses and the $151.50 reinstatement fee.

Those who receive the three-month suspension will need to serve the three-month suspension in its totality in Rhode Island. This state does not allow its drivers to apply for a hardship license that allows them to drive in a limited capacity throughout the suspension.

Mandatory Auto Insurance Laws in Rhode Island

Driving uninsured is very serious in Rhode Island. To avoid the penalties and the difficulties of having their licenses reinstated, they will need to purchase auto insurance coverage and carry proof with them at all times that they are driving. They will need bodily injury liability, property damage liability and uninsured and underinsured motorist bodily injury coverage to comply with Rhode Island’s auto insurance laws.

Auto Insurance Limits in Rhode Island

Each auto insurance company will sell its auto insurance packages in exactly the amounts that Rhode Island requires people maintain. This means that every package has coverage in the following amounts:

• $25,000 to cover medical expenses for one person (bodily injury liability, uninsured/underinsured drivers)
• $50,000 to cover medical expenses for everyone hurt in one accident (bodily injury liability, uninsured/underinsured drivers)
• $25,000 to cover all property repair bills related to one accident (property damage liability)

Rhode Island residents are paying much more for their auto insurance coverage than they are in the rest of the nation. With the average auto insurance payment being $2,631, drivers would benefit greatly from receiving the discount insurance quotes in Rhode Island that they can obtain on this website. Different auto insurance companies have better rates for different people, and the fastest way for each individual person to find these companies is by automatically obtaining several quotes at once.