Discount Insurance Quotes in Oregon – OR

If car owners are going to register their vehicles, they are going to need to prove that they have purchased the auto insurance that Oregon mandates they buy. They are not going to be able to do this once and allow their policies to lapse as some people have been known to do to save the money. Every time they register their vehicles, they will need to show their proof of insurance at the DMV.

Furthermore, Oregon drivers need to carry proof that they purchased the necessary coverage with them at all times. If they are stopped by law enforcement for the suspicion of violating Oregon’s traffic rules, they will be asked for this proof. If they are involved in an auto accident, they will also need to present their proof of auto insurance at the scene of the collision.

Random Letters from the DMV

Sometimes, people decide that they are going to take their chances and drive without auto insurance in Oregon. It’s possible that they will never be stopped by law enforcement and will never be involved in a car collision but they cannot be sure that they will not receive a random letter from the DMV. Oregon’s insurance laws make it perfectly legal for the DMV to request insurance information of its citizens that they are required by law to supply.

The DMV sends out these letters requesting that the recipients send information about their current car insurance companies. Among the information that they will need to supply is the name of their car insurance companies and their policy numbers. After receiving the information as requested, the DMV can then verify with the car insurance company that everything is correct.

The Consequences of Being Uninsured in Oregon

Those who are determined to be uninsured will have fines to pay. Their licenses can also be suspended, and this requires that they pay fees to have their licenses reinstated. Oregon drivers will need to purchase an auto insurance policy if they plan to drive again but they will not be trusted to present the proof on their own. Their auto insurance companies will need to file proof for them with the SR-22 form for the next three years.

If Stopped by a Law Enforcement Officer while Driving Uninsured

Those who are found to be driving uninsured in Oregon will have a different set of penalties levied upon them. The law enforcement officer who stops them may tow their vehicles and charge them with a Class A misdemeanor. With a Class A misdemeanor, it’s possible to receive fines or a year jail sentence; some people even receive both.

Being Involved in a Collision without Auto Insurance

If Oregon drivers are found to be uninsured after a collision occurs, they can be cited for being an uninsured driver by the law enforcement officer who arrives on the scene. After the DMV discovers it, Oregon drivers receive a one year suspension of their driver’s licenses.

Oregon’s Auto Insurance Requirements

According to Oregon’s insurance laws, the at-fault driver’s insurance company is going to be the one deemed responsible for paying medical bills for the injured and repair bills for people whose property was damaged. Every auto insurance company in Oregon must sell bodily injury liability and property damage liability to their customers for this purpose. The minimum requirements that Oregon set are $25,000 for one person injured, $50,000 for everyone injured in one car crash and $20,000 for damaged property.

Oregon drivers must also have uninsured and underinsured driver coverage for bodily injuries with $25,000 designated for one person and $50,000 for everyone hurt in the collision. They must also have Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance in the amount of $15,000.

Before drivers purchase a policy, they will find it advantageous to obtain discount insurance quotes in Oregon first. Amongst the list may be some low quotes that will remove the temptation to drive uninsured.