Discount Insurance Quotes in North Dakota – ND

Financial responsibility laws are in effect in North Dakota and the majority find the most affordable way to comply with them is to purchase North Dakota’s auto insurance coverage. This state is a no-fault state, so each auto insurance company is required to take financial responsibility for its clients’ and their passengers’ medical bills no matter who caused the collision.

When Points Are Added to a Driver’s License

North Dakota follows a point system, and drivers who receive driving infractions will have points added to their licenses. Accumulating points is not a positive thing when it comes to driving. As points are added to their licenses, North Dakota residents face serious penalties that will affect their insurance rates negatively.

People who drive uninsured and are stopped by law enforcement may receive anywhere from six to 12 points on their licenses at once. Too many points in a year will bring them to the attention of their auto insurance companies. When it comes time to renew their insurance coverage, their auto insurance companies will, most likely, raise their rates because these people have demonstrated that they are riskier drivers than they were the previous year.

Driving Uninsured a Second Time or Being Involved in a Collision

Drivers who are caught driving uninsured a second time within a year and a half period have the possibility of receiving another six to 12 points on their licenses. In North Dakota, it will be even worse if these people are involved in a car crash while driving uninsured. Even if it is the first offense, they will receive 14 points on their driving records.

Automatic License Suspension

If North Dakota residents receive 14 points on their licenses, this means that their licenses will be suspended. After this happens, they will lose their driving privileges but they will be able to earn them back again after their suspension is over. They will be able to pay the $50 fee after their suspension periods are over and have their licenses returned to them in their full capacity.

Penalties for Driving Uninsured

Aside from points being added to their licenses, those found to be driving uninsured can receive a fine of $150 and possibly have their vehicle registrations revoked or suspended. A second offense within a year and a half raises the fine to $300.

The Highest Risks

Driving uninsured places North Dakota residents in the highest risk category because auto insurance companies consider driving without insurance a highly risky act. Just some of what these people will be risking is causing a collision and injuring several people who may be able to sue them under some circumstances. They will also be responsible for any property that they damage, and these damages can easily amount to over $100,000 in one collision.

Uninsured North Dakota drivers are risking all of the fines and penalties that they will receive from the DMV. They will also have a criminal record because driving without auto insurance is a Class B misdemeanor in North Dakota. Auto insurance companies are allowed to assess their clients rates based on their risk profile, and those who have proven to be highly risky in their lives are assessed the highest rates.

North Dakota Auto Insurance Requirements 

Rather than become a target for astronomical car insurance rates, drivers must obtain discount insurance quotes in North Dakota on this website for the following auto insurance that the state requires.

• Bodily injury liability for one person’s injuries in the amount of $25,000
• Bodily injury liability for injuries of all involved in the crash in the amount of $50,000
• Property damage liability to repair vehicles and other property in the amount of $25,000
• Uninsured and underinsured bodily injury for one person’s injuries – $25,000
• Uninsured and underinsured bodily injury for all involved in the collision – $50,000
• Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance for everyone’s medical bills no matter who caused the collision – $30,000