Cheap Car Insurance Quotes Nebraska – NE

Discount insurance quotes in Nebraska can be found more easily when you know what the state laws are. The state dictates what the minimum liability coverage is. Further, proof of insurance is required at the time of registration, accidents and at all times within the vehicle. Should you be found without auto insurance, you can face a number of penalties.

Affordable insurance premiums are available in Nebraska. Almost 100 different insurance companies offer premiums within the state. With this many available, it’s imperative to take the time to do some comparison shopping.

Since there are many opportunities to get discounted quotes, not having insurance is not an option. The penalties for not having insurance are severe. There is a $500 fine as well as license and registration suspension. If it is a first offense, the penalties may not be so severe – it will be at the discretion of the ticketing officer.

The state will require you to have minimum liability coverage on your policy. Nebraska states it in the following format: 25/50/25. This is broken down to having $25,000 coverage for single person bodily injury and double that amount for all injuries in the vehicle. Then there is another $25,000 for damages to property, which can include public and private property as well as the vehicles involved in the accident.

The 25/50/25 is simply the minimum requirements. Many drivers choose to increase the level of coverage for added protection. Knowing that Nebraska is a tort state means that you may want to choose higher coverage levels to avoid being left with large medical bills and other bills after an accident.

The tort aspect of the law says that one person is found to be at-fault for the accident. If you are the one found at-fault, it is your insurance policy that will cover the damages and medical bills to all other parties in the accident.

The $25,000 in property damage that is the minimum amount may be sufficient in some accidents and not enough in others. If there is $40,000 worth of damages, for example, the insurance policy would only cover the $25,000 as stated in your policy. The other $15,000 would be your personal responsibility. This is why many residents choose to increase the liability coverage amounts.

Uninsured motorist coverage is also not required in the state of Nebraska. If you choose not to get this coverage, you are compliant with the law. However, you may wish to spend the additional money on this coverage for added protection. Due to the tort law in the state, you may find yourself involved in an accident with someone who doesn’t have insurance. If they are the one found at-fault that could pose some problems for you.

Discount insurance quotes in Nebraska can be received online. By getting side by side comparisons, you can quickly identify who has the best deal for you. Your ZIP code as well as the make and model of your vehicle will impact your quote from the different companies.

Since there are so many companies out there, you also want to be on the lookout for various discounts that they each offer. Almost all companies offer a multi-car discount. If you have multiple cars in your home, it’s in your best interest to get them all on the same policy to save money. Additional discounts may be for a long time with one company, being a safe driver, being a good student, owning your own home and much more.

Comparing the quotes will ensure you are getting the best deal possible. Make sure that you are getting the level of coverage that will offer you the most protection. You must adhere to Nebraska law with auto insurance, but you still have many options to consider. By getting quotes online, you can make short work of getting the coverage you need at a monthly premium that you can afford.