Cheap Car Insurance Quotes Maryland – MD

Drivers in Maryland will purchase auto insurance or they will not be able to drive in the state. Every time car owners want to register a vehicle, they will need to have proven that they have the insurance coverage that Maryland requires. If they fail to maintain auto insurance on each vehicle that they own, Maryland will not allow them to register any subsequent vehicles.

Maryland authorities have discovered that a large portion of the car collisions that occur in the United States are happening in their state. To ensure that those injured in these car crashes are not left without financial compensation, it requires that people purchase liability insurance that covers medical bills, rehabilitation expenses or funeral costs.

What Happens If a Driver Is Uninsured in Maryland?

Maryland residents will have several penalties levied against them when they are discovered to be uninsured:

• Their registrations will be suspended
• Their license plates will be confiscated
• They will need to pay $150 if they fail to resolve this issue within 30 days
• $7 will be added to the bill each day this issue is left unresolved
• They will need to pay a registration reinstatement fee of $25
• Those who present false information as their proof of auto insurance may have a maximum $1,000 fine plus the possibility of a year’s jail sentence

How Maryland Drivers Prove They Are Insured

Maryland drivers will not be able to present their identification cards from their auto insurance companies as proof of insurance when they register their vehicles. Before they register their cars, they will have needed to demonstrate to the Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) that they are properly insured. The only way to do this is to have their auto insurance companies file the form FR-19 that states the car owner will keep valid auto insurance coverage on the vehicle throughout its registration.

Canceling an Auto Insurance Policy 

Maryland auto insurance companies can cancel their clients’ coverage in some instances. Those who discover that they are going to lose their coverage will need to purchase a policy from another company and have their new companies file the FR-19 for them again. Because auto insurance companies must inform the MVA that it canceled a client’s policy or that the client has, these clients will need to contact the MVA as well or else they will be treated as if they do not have continuous auto insurance coverage.

What Is the Required Coverage In Maryland?

Maryland drivers are required to purchase a significant amount of auto insurance coverage. They will need bodily injury liability so that if they cause a collision, they will be able to pay one person’s medical bills in at least the amount of $30,000. Their auto insurance companies will be responsible for paying at least $60,000 if more than one person incurs medical expenses due to the collision.

Maryland also requires that its drivers prepare to pay to have property repaired or replaced that is damaged in the crash. Property damage liability coverage will need to be at least $15,000 for everyone affected by the car collision. Maryland drivers will also need insurance coverage in the same amounts if they are hit by an uninsured driver, someone who flees the scene or a motorist who does not have enough insurance to cover the medical or repair bills.

In Maryland, Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance is also a requirement. PIP insurance is designated to pay the driver’s and the passengers’ medical expenses no matter who caused the collision. Maryland drivers will need to have at least $2,500 for this purpose.

Finding Reasonable Rates in Maryland

Discount insurance quotes in Maryland are possible to find on this website and it is to every driver’s advantage to seek them. Average auto insurance rates in Maryland are 40 percent higher than in the rest of the country, so taking a little time to find a company with the lowest rates is certainly worth the minimal effort it requires.