Cheap Car Insurance Quotes Maine – ME

Maine drivers do not have a choice because they must purchase an auto insurance policy before they may drive their vehicles on the roads. Because Maine is a tort state, the authorities will determine who caused each car collision. The purpose is to have the one determined to be at fault to pay all of the bills for bodily injuries and property damages.

Not Everyone Qualifies for Maine Auto Insurance

Maine auto insurance companies are free to decide to whom they will sell auto insurance policies, and this means that some people will be excluded. Typically, those who have the highest likelihood of causing a collision will be placed into the highest risk category and they may or may not be able to obtain auto insurance coverage. The fact that they need it to drive presents a problem that Maine has solved with the assigned risk program.

The Maine Automobile Insurance Plan

A driver who has been turned down by several auto insurance companies in Maine will be able to obtain the necessary auto insurance coverage with the Maine Automobile Insurance Plan. If an applicant has tried to purchase coverage for the previous two months, he or she may meet the requirements for being able to purchase their required coverage through the plan.

The Maine Automobile Insurance Plan and every other auto insurance company are required to sell every applicant the auto insurance coverage that Maine requires everyone purchase. The only way that people can demonstrate they are financially responsible for the damages they cause is by buying auto insurance in Maine, so it is very important that those who cannot purchase insurance from a Maine insurance company look into the Maine Automobile Insurance Plan.

High Auto Insurance Risks 

Some of the highest risks that may have difficulties obtaining auto insurance coverage in Maine include:

• Those arrested/convicted of Operating Under the Influence (OUI)
• Newly licensed drivers
• Unmarried male drivers under the age of 25
• Those who have caused several accidents
• Those who have several tickets for speeding or reckless driving

The Required Maine Auto Insurance Limits 

• Maine drivers need to have bodily injury liability in the amount of $50,000 for one victim’s injuries
• $100,000 is required to cover everyone hurt in the accident
• At least $25,000 is required to pay all property repair bills
• Uninsured/underinsured coverage is required in the amount of at least $50,000 for one person and $100,000 for everyone hurt in the crash
• Medical Payments covers medical bills and funeral costs if the driver and/or passengers are hurt in a collision in the amount of at least $2,000

The Average Maine Car Insurance Payment

Maine’s required limits are much higher than in a lot of the states in the union. Surprisingly, Maine is a state that has some of the lowest average auto insurance rates. The average payment for the entire state is equal to $1,087.76, and this is over $700 less than the current national average.

Penalties for Driving without Auto Insurance in Maine

With such low rates being charged in some areas of the state for such high limits and extensive auto insurance coverage, Maine drivers have no excuse to risk driving without auto insurance. By driving without auto insurance in Maine, drivers will have a $100 to $500 fine, a ticket for driving uninsured and have their licenses and registrations suspended for 30 days.

What will make the insurance situation even worse for Maine drivers is if they are required to have their insurance companies file the SR-22 form for them. The SR-22 is proof of auto insurance but the driver will not be able to file it for themselves. The fact that they need it will place them in a higher risk category and subject them to the difficulties described above. They can avoid this unfortunate reality just by receiving discount insurance quotes in Maine from this website.