Cheap Car Insurance in Kansas – KS

In Kansas, drivers must purchase auto insurance if they are going to drive a vehicle. If they do not, they open themselves to the possibility of having a criminal record. In Kansas, the failure to maintain auto insurance coverage is a Class B misdemeanor and will subject them to the penalties of this type of crime.

What a Class B Misdemeanor Means in Kansas

A Class B misdemeanor is less serious than a felony but it will still be placed on the driver’s record. The outcome could be that these drivers will have difficulties finding jobs and passing background checks if they need to do so. These drivers will also need to accept the punishments the courts give them.

The Punishments for the Class B Misdemeanor 

The punishments for misdemeanors are less severe than for felonies but they can inconvenience the driver greatly. These drivers will need to hire a legal defense to defend them in court and this will cost them a lot of money. If they lose, they may receive a maximum fine of $1,000. Those who choose to not pay their fines can receive a maximum six-month jail sentence. After this occurs, they are automatically high risk drivers whose auto insurance rates will increase significantly.

The Second Offense 

If a second offense occurs within three years, this will require that the severity of the penalties increase. The fine goes up to a maximum $2,500, and the registration and license may be suspended. The license and registration can be reinstated but reinstatement fees will apply. They will also need to prove that they have purchased auto insurance but because they are newly classified as high risk, this will be a very costly endeavor.

The No-Fault System

The no-fault system is in place in Kansas, and this means that the at-fault driver in a car collision will not automatically be determined to decide which auto insurance company will pay for the damages. Everyone who has an auto insurance policy in Kansas is entitled to payment for their injuries no matter who caused the collision.

Personal Injury Protection

In order for a driver and passengers to receive payment for their injuries after a car crash, Kansas mandates that drivers purchase Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance in the following designations:

• Medical Bills – $4,500
• Disability lasting one year – $900 per month
• Home help for one year – $25 per day
• Funeral and burial expenses – $2,000
• Rehab services – $4,500

Liability Insurance Required in Kansas

The no-fault system limits when people can pursue the at-fault driver for payment of medical bills but there are times when the injured will be able to do so if the benefits they receive from their own policies run out. Drivers will also need to purchase liability coverage that will contribute toward the medical bills and property repair bills of third parties in the following amounts:

• Bodily injury coverage for one person – $25,000
• Bodily injury for medical bills for everyone hurt in the collision – $50,000
• Property damage liability for everyone with damaged property – $10,000

The Requirements for Uninsured/Underinsured Driver Coverage 

Even though Kansas has implemented laws that take driving uninsured very seriously, some people choose not to purchase it. Kansas has prepared its drivers for this possibility by requiring that everyone purchase auto insurance that will cover their medical bills in the event that they are hit by an uninsured/underinsured driver. They will need $25,000 for one person hurt and $50,000 to cover the entire accident.

Drivers cannot risk driving uninsured because their auto insurance companies must report the fact that they let their coverage lapse to the DMV. Drivers can avoid this and being stopped while driving uninsured just by seeking discount insurance quotes in Kansas right here. It is the easiest way to avoid high fines, astronomical auto insurance rates and a possible jail sentence.