Cheap Car Insurance Quotes in Idaho – ID

Nearly all major insurance providers offer some form of discounts in Idaho. Car insurance is the most common type of insurance, but discounts are available for all types of coverage available in the state. The easiest way to view insurance quotes is online. It’s easy to see what’s available and adjust variables such as the number of people to be covered on a single policy. Here are some discount insurance quotes available in Idaho:

Car Insurance

Idaho drivers must have liability insurance to protect against property damage and personal injury. Personal and bodily injury protection limits must be set at either $50,000 for everyone involved in any one accident or $25,000 or more per person. According to the Idaho Department of Insurance, there’s a $15,000 per incident requirement for property damage insurance in the state. All drivers in Idaho must have liability car insurance with certain limits. Idaho follows a tort-style system, meaning someone must be found at found at fault for an accident. The insurance company of the driver at fault is held liable for any damages. Common discounts include:

• Safe driver discounts – All insurance companies appreciate safe drivers. Discounts vary, but usually include a reduced deductible.
• Good student discounts – This discount generally applies to full-time students under the age of 25. Some insurance companies offer discounts for good grades, based on studies showing a correlation between good grades and safe driving.
• Vehicle equipment discounts – All major insurance providers in Idaho offer discounts for either having a new vehicle or adding safety features such as GPS and extra airbags.
• Multiple discount – Combining coverage for all vehicles in use in a household usually adds up to decent savings.
• Pay-in-full discount – Many Idaho insurers offer a discount for drivers who pay for their entire policy upfront. This doesn’t exempt drivers from penalties for accidents where they are at fault.

Combining Coverage

Nearly all major insurance companies operating in Idaho offer some type of discount for combined coverage. Some Idaho insurance companies offer a discount on auto insurance for drivers who get life insurance coverage with the same provider. Regardless of what coverage is combined, it usually means lower premiums.

Health Insurance Discounts

Discounts are available on health insurance in Idaho mostly through prescription drug plans. Some prescription-only discounts are available for anyone, regardless of whether or not they have any other form of health insurance. Some Idaho insurers of health savings accounts as a way to cut down on expenses. This is only recommended for those with ongoing health conditions since what’s left in the account may not always carry over to the next year. Idaho also offers Medicare and Medicaid for those who quality.

Homeowners Insurance Discounts

Idaho homeowners may be able to save up to 20% on their homeowners policy just by combining it with their auto insurance coverage. The reasoning is that homeowners tend to be more responsible. Additional homeowners discounts available from most Idaho insurance companies include:

• Claims-free discount – Many Idaho insurers offer a discount just for not filing any claims.
• Protective/security discount – Adding security features such as a whole-house alarm system can earn homeowners significant savings.
• Age of home discount – Some Idaho insurers offer discounts for living in a newer home and remodeling or updating an older home.

Most Idaho insurance companies are willing to offer discounts. It’s just a matter of determining insurance needs ahead of time. Communication is really the key to finding insurance discounts in Idaho. Insurers aren’t mind readers. Those looking for insurance have to be honest about their insurance needs to receive discounts that fit their needs.