Cheap Insurance Quotes in Florida – FL

Florida has financial responsibility laws as well as no-fault laws in place, and one of the ways that it allows its drivers to comply with these laws is to purchase auto insurance coverage. It does not matter if the vehicle is going to be parked in the garage and not driven. If car owners have vehicles with valid license plates, the vehicle must have insurance coverage or they must surrender the plates.

Florida’s Financial Responsibility Laws

Some Florida drivers will need to have liability coverage to take financial responsibility if they cause car accidents in the following amounts:

• A $10,000 limit that pays one person’s medical bills
• A $20,000 limit that will pay medical bills for two or more people injured in one collision
• A $10,000 limit that will pay to have the property repaired

Florida Drivers Required to Prove Financial Responsibility

Not everyone will be required to purchase liability coverage because Florida is a no-fault state. Under normal circumstances, the person who caused the accident will not need to be determined. In Florida, drivers need to have Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance that applies toward medical expenses for the driver and the passengers. Those who will need to prove themselves to be financially responsible are the following:

• Drivers convicted of a DUI who also had their licenses revoked
• Those who have been the cause of car collisions in the past resulting in bodily injuries
• Those who have received too many points on their licenses and had their licenses suspended
• Those who have repeatedly defied Florida’s traffic laws

Florida’s No-Fault Laws

Those who do not find themselves on the list above may maintain a limited amount of coverage for PIP insurance and Property Damage Liability (PDL). They must have at least $10,000 PIP insurance coverage for their own and their passengers’ bodily injuries, and the same amount for the property damages.

Driving without Auto Insurance in Florida

Choosing to drive uninsured will bring consequences to those found guilty of committing this offense. Their vehicle registrations will be suspended and their licenses may be suspended as well. Continuing to drive with a suspended license will cause them to be further penalized with a second degree misdemeanor for their first offense and a first degree misdemeanor for their second offenses. It will become a third degree felony with a third or higher conviction.

Penalties from the Auto Insurance Companies

As drivers show that they are willing to drive uninsured and are also willing to drive with a suspended license, they will also have to face the consequences their insurance companies will give them. Most likely, this will mean that their rates will be raised, and Florida residents already pay some of the highest rates in the union. For the limited amount of coverage that Florida drivers need to purchase, they are paying, on average, $2,201.24 a year for auto insurance coverage.

Some auto insurance companies cannot insure the highest risks. In this case, the above-described drivers will lose their coverage and need to seek another policy from another company in order to continue driving. This can be a highly costly endeavor at this point.

The Option of Adding Coverage

The high price of auto insurance in Florida may cause drivers to only want to purchase what is required of them and not add optional coverage that would be highly beneficial to them. For example, Florida does not require that its drivers purchase uninsured motorist bodily injury as other states do, but this would be highly valuable coverage if they are ever hit by an uninsured driver or a hit-and-run driver.

Another consideration is the fact that vehicles can be damaged in ways other than a collision. If, for example, the vehicle were to be damaged during a hurricane, the optional comprehensive insurance would cover the damages. In order to avoid the very high price that Floridians need to pay for their auto insurance coverage, they can receive several discount insurance quotes in Florida that will help them save a lot of money on their auto insurance coverage.