Cheap Insurance Quotes in Arkansas – AR

In Arkansas, people will not be able to title their vehicles or register them if they do not have liability coverage on these cars. They will need to first purchase the coverage from an Arkansas insurance company that will report to the Office of Motor Vehicles (OMV) that this liability insurance has been purchased according to the state’s laws.

The Insurance Verification Program

Arkansas has a program in place called the Insurance Verification Program. Under this program, insurance companies are required to keep the OMV up to date whenever their clients make any changes to their policies. The information that insurance companies are required to volunteer is:

• When a driver purchases a new auto insurance policy
• When policyholders add vehicles to their existing policies
• When the insurance company reinstates a policyholder’s liability coverage
• When the insurance company decides not to renew a client’s liability coverage
• When the insurance company or the client cancels liability coverage

Registering a Vehicle in Arkansas

Every time that Arkansas drivers present themselves at the OMV to register their vehicles, they will need to take the proof of insurance with them that their insurance companies give them. If they fail to maintain this coverage for as long as their registrations are in effect, they can be penalized for being uninsured drivers in Arkansas.

The Purpose of Liability Insurance

The state of Arkansas allows its drivers to sue each other in the event that there is a car collision. In order to keep these lawsuits to a minimum as much as they can, the authorities mandate that drivers have liability insurance before they drive. Liability insurance does not apply toward the policyholders’ and their passengers’ bodily injuries and their own property damages. Liability insurance is what will pay the medical bills for the other drivers and their passengers who are hurt in a car collision.

How Much Coverage Is Needed in Arkansas?

Medical bills have been known to come to thousands of dollars, so the liability coverage required in Arkansas has been set at a limit that will cover medical bills in the amount of $25,000 for one person who suffers injuries in a car collision. As more than one person may have been hurt, the insurance companies are limited to paying $50,000 for everyone injured in one car crash if the policyholders only purchase the minimum amount of coverage.

Those who need to have their vehicles repaired will need to file a claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance company for payment of their repair bills. For this purpose, Arkansas drivers are required to have $25,000 in property damage liability coverage to repair damaged vehicles, street lights or fire hydrants if they were damaged in the collision.

How Arkansas Penalizes those who Drive Uninsured

Avoiding the need to purchase auto insurance means that people will have to face the OMV and accept its penalties. Their registrations may be suspended, and the first offense can mean that they will need to pay a fine between $50 and $250. The second offense will be met with an increase in these fines to between $250 and $500. A the third offense will give them these harsher consequences:

• A fine between $500 and $1,000
• The possibility of being sent to jail for one year

After it has been discovered that a driver is uninsured, Arkansas will also suspend these people’s licenses.

Finding Reasonable Rates for Liability Coverage in Arkansas

Arkansas drivers may feel as if they are trapped by the need to purchase liability insurance. They may believe that the coverage is too expensive and they have no choice but to risk driving uninsured. These people only need to seek discount insurance quotes on this website, and they will find more than one insurance company that has reasonable rates for good coverage for their circumstances.